Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

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Midnight Angels members include Kendall Richardson (vocals/drums), Lysette Lee (guitar/vocals), and Christine Lee (vocals/bass). The band is based in Los Angeles, California. Midnight Angels plays pop and classic rock. The girls currently perform cover songs, and are busy in the studio producing original tracks.

Christine and Lysette are sisters. Lysette started piano at 11 years old, but quickly transitioned to guitar. She progressed quickly, and after only a few months she was invited to join her first band. Though only 14 years old, she can play lead guitar parts from bands such as Van Halen, Pat Benatar, and Journey. Christine, Lysette's older sister, started off as a commercial actress/model for Bobby Ball Agency in Burbank. At 14 years old, she turned her attention to the music scene, transitioning from piano to vocals and bass guitar. She was also invited to join a rock band. In 2017, the girls met Kendall, who had been singing and playing drums for other bands. Kendall's incredible drum skills brought the final ingredient necessary to create a world class teen all-girl rock band. Unlike many teen musicians, Midnight Angels actually plays acoustic instruments live with incredible skill. They will entertain you with their awesome skills and stage presence.

All three members have played 50 plus live gigs in various venues. Audiences are impressed by their skill level which surpasses many adult bands. The girls are preparing for their 2020 tour, and are in the studio producing original tracks. They are also busy producing music videos.

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